Monday, 28 March 2016

The Glenwood Restaurant

“The apple was the first fruit according to Genesis, but it was no Cox’s Orange Pippin. God gave the crab apple and left the rest to man.” 
Jane Grigson

There is no question in my mind that the finest cooking that I have experienced has been from a master craftsman whose originality comes from a slight tweak of a tradition or a re-discovery of a lost dish. Even then the originality is less important than the execution. I also harbour little doubt that the worst meals I have been subjected to – worse than sloppy craft – are those where the cook, professional or otherwise, takes it into his or her head to try something new.

Please rather just improve.  Only in incremental improvement will you find excellence.
Adam Robinson


  1. Guys, this is the most exciting thing ever and I cannot WAIT.

  2. Ok, so you beat me to it in being the first person to comment on the new Glenwood Restaurant blog. that doesn't mean I'm not as excited as you. Wishing Adelaide, Adam, Carin and John the very best possible luck in this exciting and utterly delicious new adventure. Richard